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How To Find Peace Today.

What makes you angry? The guy who sped past you on the freeway? Maybe the person talking to the clerk even after all of their products have been scanned. Maybe you feel that a certain political party has all the wrong ideas. Do you honestly feel that someone who does not believe in your god is going to hell? The definition of anger is, A strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility. It seems to me that the only way to obtain any of these feelings or emotions is for something to have happened that you do not agree with. And what are the odds that in a world with 7 billion people, something would happen that you do not agree with?

This world has been at war with itself since the beginning of time. Everything that is happening today is no different than a thousand years ago. So, why do we act so surprised when Wars, protest, killings, and wrongful discriminations occur? Sure, there are people who would like for all of this to stop. But honestly, if you were granted 3 wishes. How many people would remember to wish for peace on earth? But before there can be any of these non-peaceful acts, there must first be a disagreement that leads to anger. On few occasions, they can come from fear. But that will be a whole different topic.

If you Google “How to have world peace.” A list of ideas will pop up telling you what needs to be done. The problem is, this list was created by a single individual or maybe a small group of minds that think alike. Just like the US constitution. Now although the intentions are good, it does not mean that the rest of the world will agree. This will ultimately turn into a disagreement, and later a war or protest. So how do we get seven billion people to agree on one thing? It is impossible. And when you realize that, then you could probably get yourself a little closer to inner peace and further away from anger.

But this is not about how seven billion people can find peace with one another. This is about how you can have peace and feel at ease with yourself no matter what is going on in the world today. How can an individual stay away from anger? I could follow up on this question with my ideas and suggestions. But as I just wrote, the odds of everyone agreeing with me is astronomical. So maybe the real question is, “How can I find peace?” As each individual goes out and fights for what they believe in. You can rest assure that there will always be a counter argument that is willing to fight back. Both with their minds made up and un-opened to suggestions. No matter what side wins, it does not change anyone’s perspective. The ones who lost are still angry. The ones that won still have hate in their heart. The neighborhoods, cities, counties, states, countries and, individuals, will always be divided forever. No one will ever be convinced on an opinion level. Anyone who is, is just tired of arguing. And for every person you block due to a disagreement, will be replaced with a different topic from another. I have my path. I will walk it until I die. If my path leads to an early death, then so be it. But this world will not take away my pursuit of happiness with its opinions, ideas, threats, or beliefs. Death is certain to us all so I will remain happy and let your God or mine do the judging.

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